Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby, baby, baby, OOOOOHHHHHH

Man. Guys. Man. Jordan and I should have a baby or something, because our blog is super boring. Then we would have something to write about, yeah? WINK.

Totally kidding, we're not planning on babying it up anytime soon. But seriously, our blogging has been lacking lately. Buhhhh

Sometimes? We see this guy walking across campus who reads Star Wars fanfic books while he walks. They all have words like "Battle" or "Prophecy" or "Destiny" or "Planet" in the title. Jordan and I decided that it would be really easy to make cash on the side writing Star Wars fanfic. Except we might get the physics wrong, or the laws of the Jedi Order wrong or something.

Yeah...I got nothing. I love you.