Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I know, that you know

I've recently decided that the most delicious thing to eat for breakfast is a peanut-butter banana smoothie.

I've also decided (read: HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN) that when we have a half-me, half-Jordan child, this blog won't suddenly turn into a "journal" where I talk about Baby's intimate diaper happenings, give weekly weight updates, and tell you weird, gross stuff that you didn't want to know but that I'm making sound cute for the internet (breastfeeding schedule and habits, barfing, snot volume, etc.).

But I'll (we'll) probably post some pictures every now and then, because EVERYONE likes to look at pictures of babies drooling on things.


riss said...

Dear Dria,
Remember when we used to contemplate bugging Jenn to have a baby so we could borrow it?
Now it's your turn.

the Cheat

Dria said...

Dear the Cheat,

When I have a baby, you can play with him/her anytime you like.

Dria (...?)