Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sugar and temples, mostly

Well, hello.

Things are good. Mentally, I've been feeling great. I haven't felt sad for a little while now, which is cool. I've even been feeling up to facing my fears and getting back into driving again (I drove around my block!! Wooooo!). Physically, I've been all over the map. I got a gross nasty cold, and have determined that granola, Cheerios, and Frosted Mini Wheats definitely have too much sugar for my poor little head. Sad face. But eating un-sugary cereals has made a big difference so... buh. Goodbye, delicious, sugary breakfast cereals.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming temple dedication in Brigham City. Temples are cool. You should like them.

But you don't actually have to like them. But you'll at least agree that they're pretty, right? Good.

Oh, and here's another exciting thing upcoming. Tomorrow, actually.

If you aren't watching Parks and Recreation, shame on you. Shame.

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Kathy B said...

Hi Andria. That's so great that you're feeling so good mentally. Depression stuff is the worst! I hope the physical stuff gets better. I totally understand being afraid of driving. I was in an accident shortly after getting my drivers license. It took me five years before I could drive again and another ten before I wasn't scared. If there's anyway I can help you, let me know.