Friday, February 8, 2013

A 100 Hour Board nostalgia sandwich

So this little critter showed up the other day. I was expecting it to, but I still had a case of the "Ah, the good ole days," anyway, thinking about the spectacular people I met and the strange adventures I had. Maybe this is lame, but who cares: pretty sure the Board is one of the best things I got involved in at BYU. If it weren't for that, I would've gone crazy with the BYU-ness of BYU. You know what I mean.

The post tempted me, for a moment, to go back and reread some stuff I wrote, but I thought better of it. It would be like a combination of reading the most cringe-y essays from the 8th grade, journal entries, and crazy hyper texts from high school. I'm just glad I'm a little less cray-cray.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed your writing and collaboration. This day is one of my favorite memories of the Board.

Andria said...

Likewise. I always saw you as my cool older brother on the Board. :)

I absolutely loved that adventure! That was super epic.

Andria said...

(Although I still wish we could've included that picture of you flipping off that trespassing sign)