Saturday, January 1, 2011

You put the keys in the car...and DRIVE!

You know what? 10 proof cough syrup is so NASTY, but it makes my sore throat feel so much better. I've decided that after this bottle is empty, by my own doing or Jordan's, I'll only ever take pills. It's so much less nasty.

Last night I made the mistake of checking my work email right before going to bed. There was an email from one of my students asking for help with her schedule, and I got so excited that it made sleeping very difficult. I wanted to help her right then, but I figured that sending at email at 12:45 a.m. probably wouldn't be very professional.

I really want to go back to work (and school). The past two weeks have been AWESEOM [sic, but I like how that typo turned out], but I do enjoy some structure and having things to do, other than boring stuff or watching Psych.

Oh, and happy new year. :F

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