Sunday, March 3, 2013


1. We're moving out of Provo at the end of the semester.

2. I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.

So, moving. There are several reasons for it. The biggest reason is that we think I'll be back on my feet sooner if I have my family around. I'm less prone to lethargy if other people are in the house and I'm expected to wear normal-people clothes, not pajamas. The other main reason is that we aren't entirely fond of Provo (aside from our friends, of course). Jordan will have to commute to work/school until he graduates in December, but after that, we are done with Utah Valley.

I want to work in book publishing when I grow up. I want to be involved in finding great novels and making them incredible. I want a job that will stretch my mind and that will allow me to use what I learned in school. I can't believe I never thought about a career in book publishing before. It makes perfect sense for me: it combines my love for reading, my passion for language, and my desire for continual learning. My hope is to feel good enough to do an internship by this time next year to gain experience and see first-hand what it's like to work in publishing.


Katie said...

Good luck with everything! I think moving will definitely be a good change. We're hoping to move as soon as we can as well :) And book publishing -- that would be so neat!!

Meg N. said...

I hope these changes will help you feel better!

Andria said...

Thanks, you guys! :)