Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest post adventure!

I guest posted over at Empowering LDS Women, so you should read it. (I announced it already on my other blog, but probably not everyone reads that)


Katie said...

I loved your post, Andria. And as a side note, I really like that blog. As I noted on your other blog, I tend to avoid feminist blog, as many leave me feeling depressed and sad. But I really liked this blog. I felt the spirit very strongly as I read the posts, Especially about the motherhood and priesthood one, as well as the change in sister missionary age. I feel as if that blog does a good job of showing how women are an important part of God's plan, and how they can happily be in a the Church. I feel similar about your blog.

Andria said...

Thank you very much. :) I really like their blog, too. They present a variety of opinions and are very fair about them, and that they are very focused on the gospel overall. That helps when delving into women's issues that are more controversial and depressing. I've learned a lot of really great stuff over there.

Celeste said...

I liked that post very much. My general problem with typical feminist mormon type discussions is they so often end up being contentious and taking away from the main point of the gospel - which is to worship Christ - even if our church organizations are imperfectly run by imperfect people with imperfect understandings.

What I loved about this post was that you spoke of how Christ spoke to women, and the spirit was strong enough to make me cry, because that is the type of discussion I love and feel like He would want to have here, rather than concerns about wearing pants or some other things that have been bothering me lately. He loves and cherishes his daughters very uniquely - and I felt you captured that so well.

I wish there were a book of some sort that would focus on Christ's relationship with women in the scriptures. I could think of some very beautiful illustrations.

Andria said...

Thank you, Celeste. I'm glad that you found it uplifting. I wanted to write about something that all women could relate to and enjoy, something positive to take our minds off all the negativity elsewhere.