Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pictures of our new apartment!

I figured you guys might like to see pictures of our new place, since I talked it up so much in Monday's post. Here you go!

This looks like a normal mirror, but it opens up to reveal...

... our kitchen!

Our oven is nestled in this little... alcove? Completely adorable.

The cabinets in our kitchen have windows!

We have a lot of these little clasp-lock things on the cabinets throughout the house.

I wish I had a legit old-timey key for our doors.

Here's our security system.


Celeste said...

I have got to come visit you - it looks adorable~

Alisha Bishop said...

so are you still in Provo? I'm glad you like your new apartment and your new ward :)

I am almost positive that you are living in the apartment my friend kirsten lived in! either that, or it's an amazing look-alike :)

hey well enjoy your new life in a new place! that's always exciting!

Andria said...

Yep, this is Kirsten's old apartment! Her husband used to work at the same place as Jordan, so that's how we found out about it in the first place. We're really enjoying it!