Monday, May 7, 2012

Our new place

We finally got out of the worst apartment ever and have moved into the awesomest apartment ever. Why it's awesome:

1. It has two bedrooms.
2. The kitchen is normal-sized, instead of closet-sized.
3. It's in the basement of a house, so it's cool. I've only had to use a fan once or twice (in our other place, the fan was always on).
5. The apartment is furnished, so now we have so many places to put our stuff, we're running out of stuff to put in places.
6. It's an old house so it has a lot of weird, funny little details. Like doorknobs that have actual keyholes underneath them, and light fixtures that are at least 60 years old.
7. There are jillions of windows, so we don't feel like we're living in a basement.
8. We have a front yard... AND a backyard!
9. We actually like our new ward. (Sorry, old ward.)
10. We have a driveway to park in, instead of the street.

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