Sunday, June 3, 2012

"The Facebook" and old people part two: TMI alert!

While geriatric Facebook blunders involving basic internet-ing knowledge are entertaining, some blunders are downright dangerous. Sometimes the eldery don't know where to draw the line between sharing socially-acceptable information and socially-horrifying information.

Old people love to talk about the state of their bodies: wrinkles and saggies, what's been ailing them this week, and bodily functions. Lots of bodily functions. This information seems more or less appropriate to be forced upon their family and friends in person, or doctors at the very least. But online for unsuspecting kids and kids-at-heart to see?...

...It's just disturbing. 

Even when the medical updates aren't inherently awkward, the fact that they're sharing the information with us can be off-putting.

Unfortunately, it seems that when they're not sharing gross stuff with us, they share personal information with third parties that would absolutely love to steal their identities and make their lives super lame. 

(Note to everyone: don't hand out your personal information like Halloween candy.)

And sometimes, their love affair of the like button reveals a little too much about their personal preferences.

P.S. While researching, we saw this. You're welcome.

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