Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fer cute

Today is day three of my migraine-safe diet. It's been prooty good, although it's hard to come up with quick snacks I can eat throughout the day that aren't fruit, veggies, or rice cereal. Suggestions?

In other news, I've been further improving my legit crochet skillz. The tiniest project I've done was this little set of flower earrings; I'm planning on making other little crochet things so the earrings can be switchable.

I'm currently working on a big ol' basket. It looks weird in this picture. I'm (loosely) following this pattern, but I used t-shirt yarn that I made instead of normal kind.

I made what the interwebs folks call a boutique bag. Look at it.

Finally, I've been crocheting around the edges of GAJILLIONS of baby blankets and stuff my mom made. It's strangely addictive.


Celeste said...

Looks like you are cutting out peanuts, but not nuts or brown rice. They make really delicious and fairly inexpensive crackers/chips made out of brown rice and almond meal flours.

For that matter, there are probably a lot of nuts or trail mixes you could do.

Homemade granola with almond milk is super tasty.

Granola = oats + spices (cinnamon or whatever) + mashed banana or honey (I can't eat honey, but that's the traditional idea) + maybe chopped almonds or sunflower seeds spread onto a cookie sheet @ 350 for ten minutes til it toasts (or leave them out - my bro hates nuts). It's fairly forgiving to whatever you want to throw into it and really easy.

Hummus is yum. There are a million kinds of it.

Roasted chick peas make good snacks. Just drain a can, throw on some spices like a taco seasoning mix or something (can google recipes), and toast on a cookie sheet until crispy.

Hope that's helpful...I live with pretty restricted food allergies, so I've gotten fairly creative if you really want more ideas.

Andria said...

As always, you have amazing suggestions, Celeste. Thank you!!